Creechie Bug: Rove Beetle from Cameroon

Rove Beetle
Dear Bugman,
Just wanted to send in a picture of a Paederus Rove Beetle. We are missionaries living in Cameroon West Africa and these little critters attack us at the end of every rainy season. I also included a picture of the burn that these guys can inflict on someone, usually while they sleep. We have been so curious about them since our move here four years ago. We have done much research to find out what they are, but the only name we had for them was what the local people called them – the creechie bug. It wasn’t until we looked at your website and found pictures of the devils coachhorse that we got an idea that it was a beetle at all. We thought it was some kind of ant. The coloring is different than the devils coach horse, but the body shape was so similar we started doing a search on Cameroon Rove beetle and that is how we found our answer. We absoluely LOVE your site. It is in our favorites and we pull it up once a day to see your new postings. We thought you might be able to post this under your rove beetle section as I am sure other people out there would love to know what this insect is. Thanks for all your work!

Hi Becca,
Well, we didn’t know anything about the Paederus Rove Beetle, so we had to google it. Sure enough, we found a site with photos of both the red and black beetles and the dermatitis it causes. Thanks for sending in your fascinating letter. We love the name Creechie.

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  1. Hi! I’m filming a documentary in Cameroon about beetles in February or March, and I’m looking for more information on the Creechie.

    Do you think it would be possible for me to find Creechies in Nguti, Cameroon during Feb?March?

    Please let me know if you can! It would be SOO helpful and amazing!


    • Dear skaliner,
      We do not know for certain if there is a season for Creechies in Camaroon. Perhaps one of our readers will be able to provide information.


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