Crayfish Burrow

What’s that nest?
We have spotted two nests in the yard of a home we’re looking to purchase in southern Illinois that we’d like to have identified. The picture shows one of these nests from above. The nests are pillar-like, and knobby, not just piles of dirt. At the core of the pillar is a hole that’s approximately 1 inch in diameter, the opening of a tunnel that runs into the yard, evidenced by a curvy path of dead grass. The tunnel is not soft like that of a mole. Any ideas? Thanks!
Dayton, OH

Hi Kevin,
Your hole sure looks like a Crayfish burrow to us. These lobster-like crustaceans will bury themselves in the mud when their ponds dry up.

(04/08/2005) Crayfish Burrow
I would like to open by saying that I look at your website a lot and find it very fascinating. Thanks for a great service. I have never mailed before but I had to respond to a picture that you put up today. I am born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and would like to offer some info on the picture titled ” Crayfish Burrow (04/07/2005) What’s that nest?” You are correct that is a crayfish hole or down here better known as a Crawfish. We have them anywhere near fresh water and they are great to eat!
Thanks again.

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