Crayfish and Fly

Subject: Spider or crayfish?
Location: Indianapolis, indiana
June 22, 2016 4:36 pm
Came across this critter flipped over, struggling at the edge of a creek. Managed to take this photo of the ventral side, but some kids crushed it with a rock before I could turn it over. It was quite big, four or five inches at least, large enough that I could have cradled it in my hand. Looking at photo, it appears to have eight legs, but spiders in this region are not normally this big or robust, so my guess is that it was a crayfish and that the other limbs are not apparent in the photo and/or were pulled off by something.
Signature: Anonymous

Crayfish and Fly
Crayfish and Fly

Dear Anonymous in Indianapolis,
This is most definitely a Crayfish (Crawfish, Clawfish or Crawdad) and it appears to be missing its claws or more correctly, its Chelipeds.  Though it is not very distinctive, we are curious about the identity of the Fly in the upper right corner of your image.  We hope we never hear again about the kids who crushed it.

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