Craneflies Mating

Bug Love
I just today discovered your website. Awesome! Creepy – but really neat. I have a different picture, once I find it, of an as of yet unidentified bug. Noone knows what it is. But until I find that one, I have another submission for your Bug Love section. I went through your website, and think I identified this two in the picture. I’ve always been a city girl – and now live in a rural area of Central Virginia. Since moving here a year ago, I’ve seen more creepy crawlies than I knew existed. Last year, I went out the front door, totally oblivious to what was sitting on the door frame. I only noticed it when I turned around to lock the door. They were too.. involved… to notice me coming in and out of the door, so I got my camera. Are they crane flies mating? Thanks

Hi Caron,
Your Craneflies are indeed mating, and this represents the intimate activity of a new species for our Love Among the Bugs page. Thanks for the contribution.

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