Crane Fly from Spain

Subject: Ctenophora (Cnemoncosis) ishiharai in Barcelona?
Location: Barcelona
May 16, 2016 3:42 pm
Hi from Barcelona 🙂
I’m a little confused since I realised this crane fly may be a japanese Ctenophora (Cnemoncosis) ishiharai.
May be it possible? I’m doubting with abdomen and wings.
Thank you Bugman 😀
Signature: Óscar

Crane Fly
Crane Fly

Hi Oscar,
In our opinion, you have the genus correct but the species wrong.  This looks to us like like a male Ctenophora ornata that we identified on Alamy and verified on Eakring Birds.  Only males have feathered antennae, and females have an ovipositor.

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