Crane Fly from the UK: Nephrotoma crocata

Subject: What’s this flying bug?
Location: Wales
June 11, 2015 8:26 am
This flew into my house the other day and I’m stumped at what it is. It looks like a wasp/mosquito flying thing.
Signature: Inglebee

Crane Fly
Crane Fly

Dear Inglebee,
We believe we have correctly identified your Crane Fly as
Nephrotoma crocata, thanks to an image on the Alamy stock photo site, an identification we then verified on both Diptera Info and iSpot using the Natural History Museum’s UK Species Inventory.  Crane Flies are harmless and they do not sting.

2 thoughts on “Crane Fly from the UK: Nephrotoma crocata”

  1. Oh this is sad as it looks like she met an untimely death. I was lucky enough to take a train trip with one of these (male) only of the “luteata” variety (I think anyway) that is found in Portugal. Such a beautiful crane fly. Fortunately mine survived the trip.


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