Crane Fly from Singapore

Unknown Freaky Mosquito Like Insect
Location: Singapore
April 4, 2011 8:15 am
Hi there,
I guess your site is my first reference when it comes to asking ”what’s this bug” again question so bear with me when I bug you guys again (pun intended). I love your site really. Anyways, I found this along with my photographer friends while trekking a narrow path of a forest. Lo and behold we found this very unusual insect on a leaf. Looks like a hybrid of a mosquito! We already cut the leaf away from the tree and laid it on a log to picture it fully, and still it never bothered to move nor fly away. Maybe you guys would know what insect is this and what species.
Thanks again.
Signature: Giovanni

Crane Fly

Hi Giovanni,
This is a Crane Fly, and it resembles a Mosquito because both Crane Flies and Mosquitoes are in the insect order Diptera, which includes all Flies.  We do not recognize the species.  We believe we found a match on FlickR that is identified as genus
Hexatoma, but we cannot substantiate that.

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