Crablike Spiny Orbweaver from Dominican Republic

spider from the Dominican Republic
Location: Dominican Republic
March 18, 2011 1:25 pm
this was taken by a friend on March 15 2011 who is living in the Dominican Republic. It seems like a spider because of the web (though the web itself is quite dilapidated) but such small legs…maybe they’re folded in?
Signature: M. Arzt

Crablike Spiny Orbweaver

Dear M. Arzt,
Your spider is
Gasteracantha cancriformis, commonly called the Spinybacked Orbweaver or Crablike Spiny Orbweaver, though BugGuide also includes this list of common names:  “Crab Spider, Spiny Orbweaver Spider, Crab-like Orbweaver Spider, Crab-like Spiny Orbweaver Spider, Jewel Spider, Spiny-bellied Orbweaver, Jewel Box Spider, and Smiley Face Spider.”  The most common color variation for this species is white with black legs and markings and red spines.

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