Crablike Spiny Orbweaver

Subject: Key West Devil Spider
Location: Key West, Florida
September 9, 2012 10:32 pm
Hi, We see this spider that has red horns and a white body and it looks like a magic marker drawing of a face on his body: eyes mustache and a really bad chin strap beard. The only reason I know it is a spider is because it has web. I googled spiders in Key West Florida and a picture of it came up immediately. But only pictures no info. I want to know more about this little guy. Do you know another name for it so I can read a little more info on him.
Signature: Jen

Crablike Spiny Orbweaver

Hi Jen,
Now that you know that this is a harmless Crablike Spiny Orbweaver,
Gasteracantha cancriformis, you should be able to find plenty of information on our website, on BugGuide, on the University of Florida website and countless other places on the internet.

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  1. I just returned from key west and think I brought home a hitchhiker. I don’t have picture, but was light brown in my laundry. Pretty big. Looked a cross between grasshopper and spider. Could not kill it. But caught it in a towel and threw outside. I live in CT. We stayed in a B and B in key west. Any ideas?



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