Insect seen on Buford Mountain, Missouri
Location:  Buford Mountain, Missouri
September 6, 2010 8:24 pm
I captured this insect on Buford Mountain in Southern Missouri. It was very odd and I decided to shoot a picture.
Signature:  John Tehan

Whitebanded Crab Spider

Hi John,
This is not an insect.  It is a Crab Spider in the family Thomisidae.  It appears to be a female Whitebanded Crab Spider,
Misumenoides formosipes, a highly variable species that is well represented on BugGuide with photographs documenting its numerous color variations.  Crab Spiders often wait on flowers to ambush pollinating insects that alight without noticing the well camouflaged spiders.

Thank you so much!
This was truly an amazing looking spider. I am glad to know what it really is.
It does look like a crab.
Thanks again.

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