Crab Lice found on husband!!!

Subject: Bug attached to skin
Location: Iowa
April 30, 2014 5:56 pm
My husband found these little bugs on/under his skin, upper thighs. Any thoughts on what these little guys are? Very frustrating!
Signature: Kell

Crab Lice
Crab Lice

Dear Kell,
These sure look like Crab Lice,
Phthiris pubis, to us.  BugGuide only has a few images and very little information.  You can learn more about this human parasite on the Penn State Entomology site where it states:  “These lice are found mostly in the hair of the pubic area. They may also be found under the armpits, in the beard or mustache and on the eyebrows and eyelashes. Their development from egg to adult normally requires from 30 to 41 days. Adult crab lice live about 30 days. Females deposit 30-50 eggs (in her lifetime).”

Crab Louse
Crab Louse


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  1. Someone may have a lot of explaining to do after they read this ID and discover the most common way of getting infested 🙂


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