Subject: Black and Red Ant-like bug
Location: Eastern Shore Va., Assawoman
August 21, 2015 7:59 am
Eastern Shore of Va….this bug was in my yard….followed it across the small backyard where it disappeared into a grassy clump…no flying, it just crawled…I’m curious about it as the colors seem to shout “don’t touch me”….and I have pets in that area….any help would be appreciated…
Signature: Kathy M.

Cow Killer

Cow Killer

Dear Kathy,
The aposomatic or warning coloration on this Cow Killer, a species of Velvet Ant is doing its job.  The Cow Killer is reported to have a very painful sting, prompting us to include it in our Big 5 tag of insects that can cause pain or harm.  Velvet Ants are actually flightless female wasps.

Location: Assawoman, Virginia

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