Courting Orange Tips

Spring in Full Swing!
Hello Daniel and Lisa,
04-21-11    At first I thought these butterflies were Spring Azures, then maybe Cabbage Whites, but neither of those have scallop-edged wings. Can you help me?
04-22-11    The moths were plentiful this morning on the wall under the safety light, and…watched a bird, think it was an Eastern Phoebe, having a snack or two as it flapped up and down the wall. (no photo available)
04-23-11    This morning, I was told by a couple of very early risers, a raccoon was climbing on that wall, holding on with three paws while scooping the moths into its mouth with the fourth! (again, no photo available :'( )
04-27-11    I believe this is a Bent-line Gray Moth, Iridopsis larvaria…
Hoping your Easter, holiday adventure was safe and happy,
R.G. Marion
Sevier County, TN
Great Smoky Mountains

Courting Orange Tips

Dear R.G.,
We absolutely love your photograph of the positively salacious behavior of the courting OrangeTips.  The female has her abdomen raised and she is quite possibly releasing pheromones into the air which have attracted the fluttering male with the sexually dimorphic namesake orange tips.  We are uncertain of the species, but an excellent candidate is the Falcate Orangetip,
Anthocharis midea, which ranges all around Tennessee and is profiled on bugGuide.  It is the only Eastern species profiled on BugGuide.  We love this photo so much we are going to feature it.

Wow! Thanx!  I’m so pleased that you liked the photo of the “Courting” Orange Tips.  I do get lucky once in a while.
Since there hasn’t been a sighting reported in Tennessee according to the link that you included, I was wondering if it is possible that they were blown this way by all the storms we’ve been having here in the Southeast this month?  Do things like that happen in the fragile-bug world?  Or did I really get lucky?  Just curious…
R.G. Marion

Hi Again R.G.,
Since the OrangeTips were reported from all surrounding states, it is fair to assume that they are also found in Tennessee, but that there have just not been any submissions to bugGuide.

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