Hi I found your site after looking through about 50 websites trying to identify two bugs that I found in my backyard. I’m from Amarillo, Texas if that helps. I have attached pictures of these bugs. I have never in my life seen anything that resembled these two bugs! They are about 3-4 inches long with large antennae. They have pincher like mouths and are hard bodied. They can also fly but I don’t think they can go far because they are so large and heavy. Please help me figure this out because I have a young son and I’m afraid to send him out in the backyard thinking he might get bit by one of these. Thank you so very much for you help in my search!

Dear Lisa,
You have Cottonwood Borers. They are beetles from the long-horned beetle family Cerambycidae. These are very large black and white beetles. We have several photos on our beetle page from last year. Adults are common around cottonwood and poplar trees and the grubs bore into the wood of those trees. They will not harm your children, but a huge infestation may harm your trees.

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  1. Patricia says:

    I just found one on my driveway. Never seen one before.

  2. Deno says:

    Just killed one on my patio in DFW. The thing was huge probably about 1-1/2 body length with 1-1/2 antennas. Intimidating looking bug for sure

  3. Carless W Jones says:

    We have seen a few in our yard this year and we have cottonwood trees .
    Southeast Missouri

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