Here’s a beauty for you.
Found this pretty beetle on the garden hose rack at my house. It was so big and bold. It is also a good model…..who sat for several pictures. Enjoy!
League City, TX

Hi Pamela,
We have just spent the last two hours playing “catch-up” posting images that were sent yesterday, and we really need to do other things today. We could not resist the temptation to post just one more though. Your photo appeals to us on so many levels. The Cottonwood Borer, Plectrodera scalator, is truly a regal insect that is not easily confused with any other. We also love the fact that it was photographed on a garden hose. Our favorite photos tend to be the kind that would never find their way into legitimate entomological books because they are slightly quirky. Thanks for your beautiful submission of a beautiful beetle.

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  1. Kristy says:

    We have just found a cottonwood borer on our cottonwood tree and my daughter deeply wants to keep it as a pet. Any tips on how to create a terrarium in which is could live happily?

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