Cottonwood Borer

Subject: What kind of bug is this?!
Location: North Texas
July 8, 2016 2:23 pm
Dear Bugman,
My son and I stumbled across this sucker while at a house viewing. It is fairly large, perhaps an inch and a half to two inches long with very large antennae. It is a pale yellow and black and was very active. Thanks for any help given, my kid was pretty excited about it.
Signature: Brian

Cottonwood Borer
Cottonwood Borer

Dear Brian,
This beautiful beetle is a Cottonwood Borer,
Plectrodera scalator.  According to the Great Plains Nature Center:  “The bold coloration of the cottonwood borer is due not to colors in the exoskeleton, but rather to masses of small white hairs, which are only visible with magnification.”

Thanks so much for the quick response! Have a great weekend.


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