Cottonwood Borer

Interesting Bug
Location: 41st & Riverside, Tulsa, OK 74105
June 23, 2011 10:46 pm
I saw this bug at the park today on the playground equipment. It would fly when spooked or provoked. Otherwise it preferred to walk. I just wondered if it was posionous since it was at a park and there were several children around. I’ve never seen anything like it before.
Thank you so much!
Carrie Kreber
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Cottonwood Borer

Hi Carrie,
We saw from your subsequent email that you already self identified your Cottonwood Borer, and we are happy to hear that.  We also think this is such a beautiful photograph that we want to post it for the benefit of our readers.  Cottonwood Borers do not pose any threat to children, though they do have very powerful mandibles and they might produce a painful bite if carelessly handled.  The bite may even draw blood.

Post away-I don’t mind…I thought it was the oddest bug until I saw your site last night and started searching for my bug-then I saw some of the oddest bugs! 🙂 lol
Have a great weekend and feel free to post.

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  1. My husband brushed one of these off his neck tonight. We live at Etowah, near Noble Ok. I think it is a male cottonwood borer as his antennae are very long, over 2”. Now what do I do with him? I don’t know how to send a picture.


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