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I’ve told so many people about WTB……really a great site…I keep meaning to find the photo I have of the red stainer? orgy I took in Puerto Rico. I felt a bit bad watching them, but then was strangely impressed by their group prowess! Here is the bug orgy photo from Puerto Rico I promised.

Hi Dave,
Your Cotton Stainer Bug photo is more correctly an aggregation, as there are adults and nymphs together. Bugs are not pedophiles and do not mate with immature brethren.

perhaps aggregation is correct, but its not nearly as saucy as a bug orgy!….I guess nymphs are never sexually mature in the insecta? Interestingly, I give lots of talks around NJ about butterflies to various groups and I am often asked what sex caterpillars are. It took me a long time to find out that they actually have undeveloped sexual organs and that in some cases they can even be felt thru the skin….This is a perfect example of why I find the insects so damn exciting…no matter how much we know, individually or cumulatively, we just dont know anything at all, they are so darn diverse, there is just so much to learn….Dave

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