Cotton Stainer

Dear sir,
This insect is very colourful. Thought this might add to the awesome collection u have. would you pls identify it?
Ibrahim TMC

Cotton Stainer

Hi Again Ibrahim,
This is a Cotton Stainer,
Dysdercus cingulatus, and here is a marvelous old illustration from a book on insects from India.  There is a nice photo of a mating pair of Red Cotton Bugs on the Forestry Images website.  The species, a member of the Red Bug family Pyrrhocoridae, is also represented on several postage stamps on this website, including this beautiful 2007 stamp from Malaysia.  Then we found the photo of the stamp block on this blog.

Malaysian Stamp Block

True confessions
When we originally decided to post a stamp, because we love beautiful stamps, we thought this stamp represented the correct species.    Cysdercus cingulatus
was not the insect represented on it, but rather a member of the same genus.  The markings are a bit different, most noticeably the black triangular scutellum that is evident on your insect.  This gorgeous stamp originated in the British Indian Ocean Territory in 1976.


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