Cotton Harlequin Bug from Australia

Strange Australian beetle.
You’ve helped me identify a wasp before, and I’ve got another mystery for you. Your beetles pages don’t include anything on this beautiful orange creature. I found it in Brisbane, and there was no shortage of them on these strange black seed pods. I counted about 30 in a single tree. They’re quite responsive, and will actively run away from a camera or hand, but rarely try to fly. Their elytra don’t open – the wings slide out from the side. They have a long proboscis which, I assume, they use for sucking food out of the seed pods. They’re about 2cm long, and about 1.5cm across.

Hi Lawrence,
The Cotton Harlequin Bug, Tectocoris diophthalmus is also called Hibiscus Harlequin Bug. You didn’t find it on our beetle pages because it is located on the True Bugs pages. The sucking mouthparts are a dead giveaway for Hemipterans, or True Bugs as opposed to the chewing mouthparts of beetles. Your photos are beautiful and show the color variations within the species.

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