Costa Rican Mystery Thing

insect egg case, tropical
Location: dominical, Costa Rica
February 17, 2012 3:57 pm
Dear Bugman,
My wife found this interesting object attached to a hammock outside a house at which we were staying in Costa Rica, Feb 11, 2012. The house is near Dominical, just a few Km up in the mountains.
I’m guessing it is some kind of insect egg case, but I have never seen something quite like this with the little spikes all over. The color was probably a bit whiter than the attached images as the sun was setting at the time. It was about 5 cm long.
Signature: Sincerely, Hudson Ansley

Costa Rican Thing

Dear Hudson,
We have no idea what this thing is.  It might be an insect case, or it might be a fungus, or possibly part of a plant.  We are posting your unidentified mystery in the hope that someone might be able to provide an identification in the future.

Update:  Possibly Ootheca of Lanternfly
March 3, 3012
We received a comment suggesting this might be the egg case of a Lanternfly or Peanut Headed Bug,
Fulgora lanternaria.  We did find one photo online on Bug Hatch Stock Photography, but we cannot link to the image directly. 

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  1. We found the same egg case while in Costa Rica last week. We set it on a ledge and the next morning a lot of little babies were all over. Definitely a Peanut/Lantern bug. Will post photo too.


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