Is this a kissing bug?
Location: Katy, TX
September 26, 2011 10:36 pm
Hi, I was bitten by this bug while I was trying to pick it up in my bathroom. The bite is very painful and the skin around the wound swells. After searching around the internet, I am worrying if it is the kissing bug which carrys Chagas disease. What is the difference between this two species? Thank you!
Signature: Hao


Dear Hao,
This is a Corsair,
Rasahus biguttatus, not a Kissing Bug.  Corsairs are in the same family, Reduviidae, as the Kissing Bugs, but Corsairs do not spread Chagas Disease.  We based our identification on BugGuide.  The bite of the Corsair is reported to be quite painful.

Location: Texas

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  1. drswanny says:

    You are correct that this is Rasahus biguttatus.

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