Cork Lid Trapdoor Spider

Spider ID unknown
Hey there bugman! Big fan of the website, keep up the good work. Anyway, I found this beauty on thanksgiving, and have no idea what it is exactly. I live in Maryland. Spider is about 2 inches from front to back(including legs), in this photo. Spider was very calm. I just cant seem to find anything that looks like it on the internet. At first I thought wolf but after looking at many different kind, I am not so sure any more.

This positively gorgeous spider is a Cork Lid Trapdoor Spider in the genus UMmidia. There are numerous images on Bugguide which has this to say: “Dig tunnel in ground and seal with a silk-hinged lid. They hide under this lid and make forays out when prey is sensed, presumably by vibration. Males are often found wandering in late spring, presumably looking for mates.” Perhaps global warming has upset this guy’s timing.

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