Coreid Bug

Bug query
Hello. We’ve found 2 of these bugs in our home so far. they resemble cockroaches with an elongated snout. They fly. Do you have any idea what they are? We have found them upstairs in our spare bedroom and our computer room in the window sill. They are apx 3/4 inch long. These were the best pictures that I could take. Thank you very much. I have looked on the ‘net to get an idea as I live in the lower mainland of BC. We have not found any in any food areas. We keep our kitchen clean. They have been found during the daytime. Thank you very very much.
Heather Lee

Hi Heather,
We have good news. They are not cockroaches, nor are they household pests. They are Coreid Bugs, also known as Leaf-Footed Bugs. They suck the juices from plants with that elongated mouthpart, and they are probably just seeking a place to hibernate inside your home. They will not infest your house.

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