Immature Leaf Footed Bug: Spartocera fusca

2 pictures for you
I work at a nature center in Miami, florida and one of the children visiting found this bug. We looked in all of our reference books and could not find it. Sounds like you’re very busy, but no rush!

Hi Linda,
Often immature Hemipterans look very different from the adult because of coloration. We believe, based on adult photos on BugGuide, that this is a
Corecoris fuscus nymph, one of the Coreid Bugs.

Update:  May 11, 2019
We just received our second submission of this species, and it has come to our attention that we need to make changes to this original posting of the species.  First, the species name is now recognized as Spartocera fusca, which we realized because our link still took us to the posting we used for the 2006 identification. Additionally, now BugGuide has images of immature individuals which confirm our original identification.  According to BugGuide:  “Breeds on Solanum americanum and other plants. Early instar nymphs are gregarious.”

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