Coprosma Hawkmoth from Australia

moth id
Location: South Coast NSW Australia
November 1, 2011 9:45 am
can you id this moth for me.
Thanks Bugman, from Frosty
Signature: Frosty

Coprosma Hawkmoth

Hi Frosty,
Finding the correct identification for your Hawkmoth in the family Sphingidae proved a bit of a challenge for us this morning, but we finally identified your Coprosma Hawkmoth,
Cizara ardeniae, when we found a match on the Butterfly Housewebsite.  We also found some photos of the Coprosma Hawkmoth from 2009 in our archives.  The Coprosma Hawkmoth appeared on an Australian postage stamp in 1991.  The stamp is used to picture this species on Csiro.

Australian Postage Stamp 1991

G’day Daniel 🙂  Mega thanks for your great detective work,.,one last thing now I know the critters name.
Is the Coprosma Hawkmoth, Cizara ardeniae a commonly occurring moth or is it an endangered species.
I live in Sanctuary Point, about 230 klm south of Sydney.
I haven’t seen this moth before.
I normally feed most moths to my wild bird visitors, but not if it is rare.

We believe it probably falls between common and endangered.


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