Convict Caterpillar is the caterpillar of the Spanish Moth

Need help in south Alabama
Hello Mr. Bugman!
Our class is trying to find the name of the caterpillars that I found. They were eating my Amaryllis and Paperwhite Lilies underneath some shady oak trees in my front yard. I’ve brought them to school and we have a butterfly habitat to keep them in. Could you please help us identify our new class pets and perhaps give us some advice on how to maintain their habitat? We’ve searched quite a bit for the name/image but have not been able to find an exact match. Thank you!
Danielle Watson
Bay Minette Intermediate School
Bay Minette, Alabama

Hi Danielle,
Using some key words, we quickly located your Spanish Moth Caterpillar, Xanthopastis timais, on a University of Florida Website. Both the caterpillar and moth are quite colorful and distinctive. BugGuide has some wonderful images. The caterpillar is sometimes called the Convict Caterpillar.

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