Conehead Katydid or Slant-faced Grasshopper

Texas bug
Me and my wife caught this bug at night in the Dallas area of texas, there were several out at night making a loud continous noise. We have no idea what type of bug it is looks sort of like a grasshopper and kinda like a katydid.
Chris & Danielle

Hi Chris and Danielle,
We decided to get the opinion of Eric Eaton before responding to you. Here is what he has to say: “Looks like a coneheaded katydid, if the antennae are long and filamentous. Good thing she is holding it that way, they can bite REALLY hard! I speak from experience:-) If the antennae are shorter, and sword-shaped, then it is a slant-faced grasshopper of some kind. That is the best I can do, not being able to manipulate the image in any way.”

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