Conchuela Bug Nymph

Subject: Beetle Identification
Location: Port Angeles, WA
September 24, 2012 4:10 pm
I found this beetle crawling around on a Himalayan Blackberry bush and I have never seen one like it before. The size of the beetle is close to 0.5 cm long. This photo was taken on September 24, 2012 in northwestern Washington. Any help identifying it would be great! Thanks.
Signature: EZO Photography

Conchuela Bug Nymph

Dear EZO Photography,
This is not a beetle.  It is a Stink Bug nymph.  We did not recognize the species, so we did a bit of searching on BugGuide and identified it as an immature Conchuela Bug,
Chlorochroa ligata.  BugGuide has some great information, including:  “As with most stink bugs, conchuela is primarily a seed feeder preferring leguminous plants over other hosts. Once mesquite beans dry conchuela move to other more succulent plants including corn, sorghum, and cotton.”

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  1. Hello! I work for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. I am helping to update a field guide to stink bugs. The current version is at We would like to use your photo. We all work for non-profit universities, and our goal is to educate people about insects. May we have permission to use the photo? If so, please send me the photographer’s name (so credit can be given) and a high resolution version.

    • Dear Lydia,
      Normally, we would just allow requests like yours for non-profit use of images on our site, however, in this case, the signature is EZO photography, and a quick web search revealed a Facebook page for EZO Photography. We would request that you ask permission directly from the photographer. We don’t normally maintain records to contact folks who write to us. We would have no problem granting the permission indirectly, but again, we feel that asking the actual copyright holder is prudent in this situation. In the event that you cannot make contact, we would be happy to forward the larger resolution file for your use.


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