Compton Tortoiseshell

What kind of moth or butterfly is this?
August 10, 2009
I was on a weekend away in Perry Sound Ontario Canada, and spotted this little beauty on a rock by the watter..
Any Idea what it is? It looks like a moth.
Perry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Compton Tortoiseshell
Compton Tortoiseshell

Hi Laurie,
The Compton Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis vau-album, is a butterfly.  According to Bugguide it is found in: 
deciduous and coniferous forests; often associated with “cottage country” in the north, overwintering in tree cavities, under eaves, or in garages, outhouses, and cottages.  BugGuide also indicates:  “larvae feed in groups on willow (Salix spp.), birch (Betula spp.), and poplar (Populus spp.)  adults feed on sap, rotting fruit, and nectar of willow flowers

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