Common Wood Nymph also called Goggle Eye!!!

Subject: Butterfly
Location: southern oregon
August 3, 2012 9:32 am
Hi, I snapped this guy in my So.Oregon backyard on July 2012,I want to put it on my blog,but I cannot seem to find it’s name.I did not see what it looked like with it’s wings open,because it quickly flew off.Hope you know the name,Thanks.
Signature: lindseyhightower

Common Wood Nymph

Hi lindsayhightower,
This is a Common Wood Nymph,
Cercyonis pegala, a butterfly that inhabits meadows near wooded areas.  It is found throughout much of North America.  According to BugGuide, it is the:  “Largest species in genus. Geographically variable. Wings are brown. Forewing has 2 large, usually yellow-ringed eyespots. Lowerside of hindwing has a variable number of small eyespots. Southern and coastal butterflies are larger and have a yellow or yellow-orange patch on the outer part of the forewing. Inland butterflies are smaller and have the yellow forewing patch reduced or absent.”  Though it shares a common name, the Common Wood Nymph should not be confused with the Wood Nymph moths in the genus Eudryas that mimic bird droppings.

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