Common Palmfly Caterpillar and Adult from Singapore

Common Palmfly
Location: Singapore
January 21, 2012 10:24 pm
Hi there, i just thought that you might appreciate these pictures of common palmfly caterpillars and butlerflies that ive been nurturing on my roof.
i absolutely love this website, as i am constantly fascinated by bugs 🙂
Signature: Cassia

Common Palmfly

Dear Cassia,
Thank you so much for submitting your photos of a Common Palmfly Caterpillar and adult Butterfly,
Elymnias hypermnestra agina.  We were able to locate a link on the Butterflies of Singapore website where it is stated: “Field Observations of Butterfly Behaviour:   The Common Palmfly is the most widespread species of its genus in the Indo-Australian region. Locally, it is also a rather common species with widespread occurrence across multiple habitats. Typically the adults are shade-loving, and usually sighted flying along the edge of vegetated area and in the vicinity of a clump of palm trees. The adults have the habit of puddling and visiting flowers for mineral and energy intakes.”  The information provided on the Butterflies of Singapore websiteis very comprehensive, including a list of known larval food plants in the palm family like the cocoanut palm and fishtail palm.

Newly Metamorphosed Common Palmfly


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