Common House Spider

Subject: Spider in my home
Location: Uk
July 27, 2015 3:28 am
Hi there,
I have this spider in my home. I have not seen one like it before and I don’t know if it’s dangerous or not please help.
Signature: Michael

Common House Spider
Common House Spider

Dear Michael,
We believe this is a House Spider in the genus
Tegenaria, and according to the British Arachnological Society site:  “There are five species of ‘House Spider’ – the big hairy ones that come out at night and occasionally end up in the bath. These large, long-legged, brown spiders produce a sheet web that leads to a tubular retreat. … Tegenaria species very rarely bite and if they do it is painless. What gives them a bad reputation is their size, speed and nocturnal habits. Females can live for several years, but males, who live for a few weeks with the female, die after mating and are sometimes consumed by the female. Like all spiders living in houses they can withstand the very dry conditions and survive for months without sustenance”  The image on The Guardian site is much better for seeing the resemblance to your image.

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