Common Crow Caterpillar

Three Orange, Black & White caterpillars found in Cairns, Qld, Australia
March 14, 2010
Hi there, I found three orange caterpillars with black and white stripes today. They have six black spikes near their head and two on the back. They have a white stripe on their head. I’m going to try and raise them and just wondering what kind of butterfly they may turn into. Any info appreciated. Thanks! 🙂
Oriana Smith
Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Common Crow Caterpillar

Hi Oriana,
Your caterpillar is one of the Milkweed Butterflies, the Common Australian Crow, Euploea core corinna, and you can see photos of the lovely adult butterfly on the Brisbane Insect Website.

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  1. oh i just took a photo of one of these a couple of days ago! i’m new to the site so once i figure out how to post it, i will!


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