Common Conehead Katydid

Subject: identify insect
Location: New Orleans
March 17, 2015 8:31 pm
Hey, I found this grasshopper like bug in my house tonight. I find it very beautiful, but I have no idea what it is and can’t seem to find anything that identifies it.
Signature: lukas

Common Conehead
Common Conehead

Dear Lukas,
What a nice green find on St. Patrick’s Day.  This looks like a Common Conehead Katydid in the genus
Neoconocephalus to us, though we cannot say for certain which species, and you can compare your image to those on BugGuide.

Hey! Thats it! Thanks! Yes a great find on st. patricks day, felt honored to have it in my home. I looked up other pictures of katydids, but all the images that came up didn’t match.

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