Common Buckeye and Silver Spotted Skippers share an Inflorescence

Location:  maryland
September 5, 2010 4:23 pm
I have different (hundreds) of baby and adult butterflies outside. Can you tell me what types these are?
Signature:  Butterflies

Common Buckeye and Two Silver Spotted Skippers

Dear Butterflies,
All of your photos are lovely, but we have just recently posted photos of Red Spotted Purples and Tiger Swallowtails.  We really like your photo of a Common Buckeye and Two Silver Spotted Skippers (See BugGuide) sharing a sedum inflorescence.  Thanks for sending your photos.  Buckeyes along with Red Admirals, Red Spotted Purples, Fritillaries, Morning Cloaks and the other Anglewings are among our favorite North American Brush Footed Butterfly species.  Vladimir Nabokov called the Red Admirals
Red Amirables, and they are also known as the Butterfly of Doom in Russia because of a swarm during the year of some 19th Century Czar (Tsar).  We would love a new photo of a Red Admirable.  We just noticed no one has ever responded to our Who’s On Top? query.  Look at it this way, there is a 50/50 chance you will be right.  Just make up the answer and let us prove you wrong.

ALERT:  We just found the most beautiful butterfly collection on the planet.
September 5, 3:50 PM.
Nabokov’s Butterfly Collection.  It includes his favorite butterfly, The Red Admirable.

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