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February 21, 2011 12:55 pm
Hey, I love your site (although I haven’t visited for what seems like eons, since I haven’t been hikin or finding bugs because it’s WINTER).
I see those Google Ads, the big ones with your proviso above them saying you do not endorse extermination, and I’m wondering if you know about Amazon Associates.
I started my little mushroom blog, and got excited about Google Ads, and found what they posted to be entirely inappropriate–“Rid your house of mold!”, stuff about the heartache of nail fungus, etc. And of course no one who visited my blog was remotely interested in that. Amazon Associates has a much more specific way to define the ads (not that any of my 50 readers ever clicks on or buys anything. Well, okay, I’ve had 8 clicks. In a year. But, I have HOPE). I told it to post BOOKS, told it key words like “mushrooms”, “field guides”, etc., and I am pleased. And I could play around with the colors!
Do you get any response from the exterminator ads that show? If not, I’d tell Googls Ads to get lost. Actually, now that I think about it, you MIGHT actually get results from those, as people find your site while trying to ID bugs they think are a nuisance…it just seems like an awful lot of ads for something you don’t actually want to endorse!
I am in no way benefiting in any way from Amazon Associates, not employed by them, haven’t made a cent from my ads (but, like I said, I have a very tiny audience at this point), etc. Just passing along my blogger experiences. Google Ads frustrated me, and Amazon Associates satisfied.
Signature: lisa

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your letter.  As What’s That Bug? became more and more popular, we had to deal with the rising cost of site maintenance, hence the addition of the google ads several years back.  We cannot control the traffic to the website, and many people who visit hate insects.  We hope that we can share our enthusiasm for the lower beasts with the folks who stumble upon us while trying to find out about the creatures that have wandered into the home.  We know that most household visitors do not do any damage, and while we do not endorse extermination, we realize that there are situations when the advice of a professional may be required.  We will pass on your suggestion to our webmaster and he may be able to find a way to incorporate Amazon Associates into our advertising arsenal.

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  1. Mycologista says:

    How embarrassing! I didn’t mean for this communication to show up on your excellent WEBSITE, clogging it up with boring drivel about ADS! I thought I was sending you an email (but THIS, I know, is a “comment”). Well, shows what I know about web-related stuff! Feel free to take this off your site. It’s BORING.

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