Colorful Stink Bug from Canary Islands

sum bug help!
I just found your site and I must say it’s really awesome!! I’m from Canary Islands, Spain. I found this today walking around my lettuces and I’m wondering if it’s good or bad (I mean for my veggy garden, I know it won’t harm me). I think it’s an hemipteran, but I’m not sure what it feeds on. I googled it a little bit, but I’ve read some feed on other smaller insects, others eat plants and some feed on blood. Can you ID this one for me and maybe guess what it eats? Thank you, and keep up the great job! Hugs,

Hi Cernunnas,
We can’t tell you the species, but we have narrowed down your identification to the family level. This colorful specimen is a Stink Bug in the family Pentatomidae. It is probably a plant eating specimen (sucking mouthparts for ingesting plant fluids) but some Stink Bugs are predatory. In trying to find you an answer, we found a profile on an entomologist, Jordi Ribes, who specializes in the Pentatomidae of Europe, and we will try to contact him.

Dear Daniel,
This Stink bug is Eurydema (Eurydema) ornata (L. 1758). Best wishes.
Jordi Ribes

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