Coffee Hawkmoth from Japan

Identified japanese moth with your site, thanks
I live in Japan and when I went for a walk in Yokohama yesterday, I saw an insect I had never spotted before. I sucessfully used your site to identify it. Thank you very much. I am sending you a few pictures for you to choose from (in case you want to post them), because I think you do not have this particular species on your site. I found, first through your site and then also through others, that it is a "Coffee Hawk Moth" or in Latin "Cephonodes Hylas", found often in Japan. It belongs to the Sphingidae-group of moths and is similar to the Hummigbird Moths featured on your site, that’s why I could identify it. Thank you again and best regards from the far east.

Hi Heinz,
We are happy to hear we have been helpful in your identifying the Coffee Hawkmoth.

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