Cocoon: Luna Moth or Polyphemus Moth

Subject: Identifying Large Cocoon
Location: Western Pennsylvania, USA
September 4, 2016 3:59 pm
Hi, My kids & I found this cocoon & we’ve never seen anything like it , it was laying on the ground underneath a large oak tree, looked like a leaf or leaves that are kinda stringy/fuzzy almost rope like, & tightly wrapped/rolled up into a very hard &solid cocoon that’s about 3 & 1/2inches long, & 2inches in diameter, &has 2small holes, each about as big as a pencil, & there appears to be something in it, but I’m not sure what it is, if it’s alive, how to tell, we are always discovering creatures of every kind, occasionally have come across some rare & endangered species, even thought to possible be extinct in our area, & through out all of adventures in exploring I have never seen a cocoon this large or looking anything like this, & the only insect that I could think of even close to this size is a cicada, &tho I’m not certain it’s a cocoon, maybe an eggsack or nest of some sort, we are very interested to learn about what’s around us & what this new discovery beholds, thank you for your time, knowledge, expertise, &information on this matter
Signature: Bugeyes3

Luna Moth Cocoon
Luna Moth Cocoon

Dear Bugeyes3,
This cocoon belongs to either a Luna Moth or a Polyphemus Moth, and the two holes are not a good sign because they may mean the cocoon was parasitized.  Gently shaking the cocoon should produce a sound like a heavy marble or something is inside.  If it sounds more like a rustle, it probably means that a wasp or fly has parasitized the cocoon.

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