Cockroach Metamorphosis in Vietnam

Subject:  A bug photo for you from Hội An
Geographic location of the bug:  Hội An, Vitenam
Date: 07/10/2019
Time: 07:21 AM EDT
Ed. Note:    Webmaster Daniel is currently on holiday in Vietnam and during a technical conversation with editor Daniel who was struggling as usual with technology, webmaster Daniel forwarded this image.
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Cockroach Metamorphosis

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the help today.  Now when I am on my conference, I will be able to identify and post submissions.  This is a molting Cockroach.  When insects shed their hard exoskeleton, the new exoskeleton is soft and needs time to harden.  Freshly molted insects are often white or pale in color.

3 thoughts on “Cockroach Metamorphosis in Vietnam”

  1. The need to molt periodically goes along with having a hard exoskeleton. It’s a major structural fact, not only for insects, but for all the Ecdysozoa, a huge clade of the animal kingdom that comprises the arthropods, nematodes, water bears, velvet worms, priapulids, and a few other phyla. Ecdysis—molting—was a major innovation in the history of life, and I thought I’d give it a shout out.


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