Cockroach Crayfish

Subject: Cockroach Crayfish
Location: Jaragua State Park, São Paulo, Brazil
April 10, 2013 9:11 am
Hi, guys!
These freshwater crustaceans are Aegla paulensis, and I found the common name cockroach crayfish in this page:
It seems that the genus Aegla is the sole member of the family Aeglidae and are endemic to South America.
Hope you enjoy it!
Signature: Cesar Crash

Cockroach Crayfish
Cockroach Crayfish

Hi Cesar,
When we first saw the subject line, we thought someone had found a Mole Cricket.  How wonderful to get a new posting of a Brazilian Crayfish from you.

Cockroach Crayfish
Cockroach Crayfish

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