Immature Cockroach from Australia may be Small Ellipsidion

Subject: Pretty Cockroach
Location: perth region western australia
November 23, 2014 6:34 am
Hi there,
I know there are a lot of people out there that would argue there is no such thing as a “pretty” cockroach, but I have the photographic evidence! The specimen in question was discovered sheltering from the rain in a curled Mulberry tree leaf…. smart as well as pretty! Although the photograph is obviously magnified, it was actually only 5mm long at the most. I have searched through the internet in vain trying to identify it and finally figured if anyone can identify it for me, it would be you guys! Please see the attached photographs and thank you for your time.
Signature: Jill


Dear Jill,
This really is a pretty immature Cockroach.  Most people don’t realize that only a few species of Cockroaches infest homes, and the vast majority of Cockroaches are benign creatures, and that many of them are quite attractive.
  We believe we have correctly identified your immature Cockroach on the Brisbane Insect website as Ellipsidion humerale, commonly called the Small Ellipsidion.


Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much for your speedy reply.
It’s annoying that people have no appreciation for bugs and spiders and have such an irrational fear of them. They can’t seem to see the bugs have far more to fear from us than we from them… if we were bug sized that might well be a different story of course! lol
Thanks again. Your reply and identification was much appreciated.

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