Clymene Moth and Polyphemus Moth

two moth photos
Your site is wonderful! I’m a big insect person, and I’ve often needed help identifying insects, especially moths and butterflies. The photos people submit are lovely! I know you’ve already got both of these on your site already (Clymene moth – Haploa clymene, and Polyphemus moth – > Antheraea polyphemus), but I thought perhaps you might like them anyhow. Please keep up the great work! (Both of these were taken at my house in Tallassee, AL. In the clymene photo, you can see my cat Gizmo eyeing the moth
Kristina Pendergrass
Auburn University, AL

Clymene Moth Polyphemus Moth

Hi Kristina,
So sorry for the long delay. We are posting both of your photos on our moth 2 page. The Polyphemus image is one of the nicest we have ever received. It seems funny seeing them side by side as the scale is so different, but they appear almost equal in size.

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