Clymene Moth

Owlet Moth?
August 13, 2009
This preaty fellow was hanging out a few nights ago. According to BugGuide it seems to fall into the owlet moth catagory. There are no colorful ones like this on that sight, nor any that matched on yours that I could find. It was about 1.25-1.5 inches in length. Had pale yellow and black markings on the wings, and a bright orange head. Most of the moths up here look like leaves, so this one caught my eye, I wasn’t sure if he was trying to be disgued as something, but I couldnt make out anyting in the pattern. Thanks again!
Rhode Island, USA

Clymene Moth
Clymene Moth

Hi Again Jess,
We are in that “just one more” mode of posting and we really need to rush off to work.  This is not an Owlet Moth.  It is a Tiger Moth, Haploa clymen, commonly called the Clymene Moth.  You may read more about it on BugGuide.  Tiger Moths and Owlet Moths are both in the superfamily Noctuoidea.

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