Cloudless Sulfur Caterpillar, we believe

Caterpillar ID
Location: Tampa, FL
November 4, 2011 3:34 pm
We are located in Tampa, FL. My neighbor found a tree full of these yellow w/ black stripes caterpillars.
Any ideas? What will they turn into?
Signature: Thanks, Heidi

Cloudless Sulfur Caterpillar, possibly

Hi Heidi,
We believe we have correctly identified your caterpillar as that of a Cloudless Sulfur butterfly,
Phoebis sennae, though the resolution on your photo prohibits definitive identification.  If you can provide the name of the tree or a description of the tree, it might help to confirm our identification.  The caterpillars of the Cloudless Sulfur feed on the leaves and blossoms of Cassia and related trees.  These trees generally have showy yellow flowers.  Here is a photo on Bugguide of a Cloudless Sulfur caterpillar on the food plant.

2 thoughts on “Cloudless Sulfur Caterpillar, we believe”

  1. Hi! I just found this same caterpillar on my new Cassia tree. Should I leave it alone, or will it strip the tree of the blooms and leaves? ☹️

    • You would need to have 1000s of caterpillars to strip the trees. A few won’t even be noticed, and you will have some showy yellow butterflies as a result.


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