Clip-Wing Grasshopper

Subject: Which Grasshopper?
Location: East-Central Virginia
February 6, 2014 6:04 am
Hey Bugman!
When I snapped this shot, I didn’t think I’d have a hard time identifying, but so far, no luck. What do you think?
Signature: Pine River

Clip-Wing Grasshopper
Clip-Wing Grasshopper

Dear Pine River,
We quickly identified your Clip-Wing Grasshopper,
Metaleptea brevicornis, on BugGuide.  Interestingly, the brown back and green sides on your individual is one color variation of this species.  There are many more individuals on BugGuide with the reverse coloration:  green backs and brown sides.  According to BugGuide, “Both males and females come to lights at night” and “This species is nearly unique among North American Slant-faced Grasshoppers in that it crepitates, producing a sharp clicking sound when it flies.”

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