Click Beetle

Bug Identification Help
I was hoping you could help me identify this bug. I found it hiding in a dark, narrow space under a notepad on my computer desk. I was surprised to find that it began jumping around. I managed to get it to sit still on a sheet of paper for the attached photos. I got a shot from above and one from the side, although I couldn’t get a shot of the bottom as it would immediately hop to flip itself over every time. It seems to jump when either upside-down or touched, and the jump makes a rather loud snapping noise. I thought it might be a kind of springtail based on some photos on your website, but I couldn’t tell if the body shape completely matched any of them. Thank you,
Kevin Shipley

Hi Kevin,
This is some species of Click Beetle in the family Elateridae. Click Beetles have the capability of righting themselves if on their back by snapping the body at the joint between the thorax and abdomen. This produces a loud click. Here is the more technical explanation posted on BugGuide: “The clicking is made possible by the flexible union of the prothorax and mesothorax and the prosternal spine that fits into a groove on the mesosternum. If they are placed on their backs they use this mechanism to snap and jump usually falling right side up.”

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