Click Beetle: Chalcolepidius smaragdinus

Subject: Chalcolepidius smaragdinus
Location: Santa Rita Mountain Foothills
March 19, 2014 10:58 am
For You bugman!
These picutres of Chalcolepidius smaragdinus were taken along the road running through the foothills leading up to the Santa Rita Mountains. They were found on Baccharis sarothroides along Madera Canyon Road in AZ, August 17, 2009. The beetles feed on the oozing sap from the plant.
Signature: swampyy82

Click Beetle
Click Beetles:  Chalcolepidius smaragdinus

Dear swampyy82,
Thank you so much for supplying our site with your images of this gorgeous green Click Beetle, a new species for our archives.  BugGuide does not provide much information on this species, so your observations are quite valuable.

Click Beetle:  Chalcolepidius smaragdinus
Click Beetle: Chalcolepidius smaragdinus

It’s my pleasure bugman!  Any pic You want, just let me know.  They were quite numerous the year I collected them.  I took 5 for my collection even though there were many more.  That road has been pillage greatly over the years and some years when I’m out West, we see none at all.  Chalcolepidius lenzi is also found in this area.  My collecting buddy has one, but, I don’t yet.


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