How about this guy?
I found this insect crawling in my basement. I scanned it at 600 dpi. When time permits, could you attempt to identify it?

Hi Rob,
This is a Click Beetle, one of the Elaterids. When they are on their backs, they have the ability to snap their bodies at the joint and flipping over, often popping over a foot into the air to do so.

Thanks for the reply. It actually did pop up into the air a couple times. I thought I was seeing things. Pretty neat, though. After scanning, I nudged him into a film case and put him in our flower garden. Thanks,

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  1. Helena Smith says:

    I dont think they are harmfull, still you could check in some pest inspectors blogs 🙂


  2. K Mead says:

    I live in San Antonio

    My husband & I just found one in our kitchen. GROSS!

    I’ve never heard of a Click Beatle. It was the clicking sound that led me to it. My husband got rid of it.

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